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Unmarried Women Could Decide 2016… if they Register.

September 11, 2015

By November 2016, for the first time more unmarried women than married women will be eligible to vote—meaning they could decide the election.

But only if they register and vote—and as of 2014, 22.4 million unmarried women (almost 40%) weren’t registered, including almost 10 million unmarried women under the age of 30.

Here’s a race/ethnicity and age breakdown of unregistered unmarried women:

Group # Unregistered
Unmarried White Women 13,145,524
Unmarried African-American Women 3,913,991
Unmarried Latinas 3,722,100
Unmarried Women 18-30 9,875,219
Unmarried Women 30-50 5,405,848
Unmarried Women 50+ 7,155,603