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About the VPC Data Center

There have never been more
unmarried women in America.

Right now, about 57 million U.S. women are widowed, divorced, separated, or have never been married. That means one out of every two U.S. women are unmarried and their numbers are growing—along with their power to permanently change the electoral map.

Unmarried women make up over a quarter of the voting-eligible population (25.6 percent) and the largest segment of the New American Majority—the combination of unmarried women, persons of color and Millennial voters poised to become the majority of the electorate.

Unmarried women are a key, emerging voting bloc with the potential to significantly affect electoral outcomes and public policy as well. While not a monolithic group, unmarried women share particular priorities, political preferences, and voting behaviors.

The VPC Data Center has been created to provide information and analysis from multiple sources on the social, economic and political lives of this fast-growing, increasingly powerful population.