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CAP: Who Votes with Automatic Voter Registration?

June 9, 2017

A new report from the Center for American Progress analyzes the impact of Automatic Voter Registration in Oregon, and finds significant differences between AVR registrants and voters who registered using traditional means.

“Compared with traditional registrants and voters, AVR registrants and voters were:

  • Noticeably younger—about 40 percent of AVR registrants and 37 percent of AVR voters were age 30 or younger. In comparison, 20 percent of eligible Oregon citizens are age 18 to 29

  • More likely to live in suburban areas and less likely to live in urban areas

  • More likely to live in low- and middle-income areas

  • More likely to live in lower-education areas

  • More likely to live in racially diverse areas—the average AVR registrant’s community was more Hispanic and less white than that of traditional registrants 

While every state may have different attributes, Oregon provides strong evidence in favor of automatic voter registration. AVR strengthens democracy by expanding and broadening the electorate. AVR’s streamlined systems can save states and localities significant costs, make the voter registration lists more accurate and up to date, and increase the security of the voting system. AVR is the next logical step in creating an efficient, secure, and modern voter registration system for the 21st century.”

Find the full report and interactive graphic at CAP.