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Map the Change: Registering the Rising American Electorate will Transform the Landscape

August 27, 2015

In our last post, we focused on the massive numbers of unmarried women who are not registered to vote in key 2016 states.  But unmarried women are just one part of the Rising American Electorate (RAE), which also includes people of color and Millennials. Together they make up well over the majority—close to 57 percent—of the U.S. population eligible to vote, but in the 2014 general election they only cast 44% of the votes.

As this interactive map makes very clear, if even a small percentage of unregistered RAE voters register and vote in 2016, it would have an enormous impact on national, state and local elections.

Rising American Electorate Voter Registration by State

Hover your mouse over a state to see the numbers and percentages of unmarried women, people of color and Millennials who are not registered to vote.

Unregistered RAE By State

% of RAE Not Registered
55% +

Data Source: Current Population Survey: Voting and Registration Supplement, 2014. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census