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New U.S. Census Data and Unmarried Women

July 15, 2015

The U.S. Census Bureau released its latest information on U.S. Voting patterns.

The new data clearly demonstrates the growing political status of unmarried women from 1978 to last year.


There were 27.7 million unmarried women of voting age in 1978 and 56.8 million in 2014—an increase of more than 29 million. In 2014, the percentage of unmarried women who registered to vote was 60.5%, or about 2 percentage points higher than in 1978, the Census Bureau reported. But the share of single women who voted declined in the non-presidential elections years, from 39.2% in 1978 to 35.6% last year. (In 2012, the last presidential year, the percentage of unmarried women who registered was 68.6% and the voting turnout rate was 57.8%.)